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Los Angeles Goth-Industrial Network Community

lagoth.net community
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From the same bitches who brought you lagoth.net...[r.i.p.]

Moderatrices are obviously: talaitha & odonatid. This community is mostly for people who listed on the lagoth.net bipeds section, and who used to use the Goth Talk Message Board to keep in touch. However, anyone is welcome to join.

Some Basic Stuff:
  • It'd be neat if when joining a quick hello were posted
    but if you're shy/antisocial/grumpy/whatever, you don't have to.

  • RTFM! Do you have technical questions about communities? like for example
    the privacy of YOUR friends-only posts, how to join this one, or how to post?
    Then read the Community FAQ.

  • It is acceptable to post playlists here, just please use the <lj-cut> or it will be deleted! Local club playlists only, and in the according genres.

  • Local clubs/events are welcome to post promo stuff here, but please don't inundate us with propaganda for your night every single day. I have this community on my friend's list, and neither i nor most of the people in this community feel like being visually haruenged over & over about an event we've already been made aware of, k?

  • No quizzes or memes here! Save that junk for your own journal.

  • Don't bother the rest of us with your n00b mating calls! Please refrain from posting personals here. Yes, I know Slice of Life is gone with the death of lagoth.net, but this community isn't here to help you add more notches to your bedpost, go to a goth dating site and find someone there to cry to about how tired you are of drinking wine in the glendale forest lawn all by yourself.

  • Spam sucks. If you go buck wild on an excrapaganza of spam on this community [even if it's club-related!], hooo boy, you'll get it so good you'll never be able to use the webb0rnets again.